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About us

Declaration & Co

I can still remember sitting in my college Econ class, taking notes (and probably doodling) when I had to write the word DECLARATION. As I did, I thought how much I loved the way the word sounded and the power of strength and certainty it evoked... plus my name is right in the middle! DEC - LARA - TION

In that moment I decided if I ever had any sort of business of my own, that's what it would be called.

The shop has changed, grown and evolved over the years with no set plan from the beginning. It's funny because most people think so, but all I knew was, I wanted to follow my heart and try something on my own. 

Fast forward a few years and add the "& Co." The rest of the heart. My husband, daughter, family, team and locals have helped change the shop into something bigger- our passion, joy and happy place. In case you ever wondered what's in a name... now you know! 

Come check out one of our physical locations if you're in Northeast Florida. 
Declaration & Co.
63 San Marco Ave
St. Augustine, FL 32084
Shop #2
Declaration & Co.
3635 St. Johns Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32205