Holiday Organic Soy Candles

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Our candles are made with organic soy, essential oils and hand poured in small batches.  Not only do they smell great, they are made sustainably and designed to be a part of your shelves, counter tops and anywhere else you're looking to freshen up an area. 

Our mini 6 oz candles make the perfect gift for just about anyone.

Candle Care Tips

  • All wicks should be trimmed to no longer than a 1/4"
  • On the very first burn, let your candle melt all the way to the edges
  • Never let your candle burn for more than 4 hours at a time


If you're ever curious how long a soy candle will last? Multiply the ounces by 7.  For example a 16 ounce candle will last you 112 hours (roughly).