"Addy's Army"

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When a sweet local mama reached out to me about hanging a yellow ribbon in our store in September for Childhood Cancer Awareness month, I knew right away this was something we wanted to be a part of.  Some of you locals may have even heard of this beautiful warrior via the Facebook page, "Addy's Army."  Sweet Addison is battling leukemia for her second time - at the age of 6.

While Addy is a part of our First Coast community, she is currently in Philadelphia receiving a new type of cancer treatment, one that is still considered a "trial" but has had a great deal of promising success. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is doing amazing things in pediatric cancer and it is from their research that Addy and other children are currently receiving treatment without standard high risk chemo.

So here's our "yellow ribbon" we're hanging for Addy.  In honor of this sweet warrior, we present to you a suite of digital downloads! I asked her amazing mama to tell me all the things she loves and designed this for HER and all of you!! Including an 8x10 color print (Addy loves giraffes!), coloring pages and two different card designs.  Will you join Addy's Army in supporting Childhood Cancer Awareness?

Here's how:
1) Download this suite for a donation of your choice. 100% of your donation will go to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where Addy is being treated.
2) Included in the suite is 2 card designs. Color and write a sweet message of encouragement on one (or all!) of these cards. Feel free to include your name, but they'll be distributed amongst the patients so please leave off any "to" names.
3) Bring your decorated cards to the STA or JAX shop and drop them in our collection basket, and we'll give you a 10% discount on your total purchase!
4) At the end of September the cards and donations will be sent to Addy's Hospital

At the end of the month, all of the cards (and donations) will be given to Addy's hospital.  We believe in the magic of miracles and we're honored to be a part of Addy's Army!



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